Smart Farm Water Purification Solution

Data is the core operational technology of smart farms.

Good quality water is essential to enhance crop productivity and quality.

When water passes through GeoReader™ ionized water treatment devices, it decomposes and removes various harmful substances, bacteria, and promotes the absorption of nutrients by animals and plants. Ion-activated water enhances the immunity and resistance to diseases of livestock, activates biological tissues, and helps with germination, growth, and health.

Furthermore, it keeps the water supply line clean by removing rust, scale, and slime that can occur in smart farm pipelines. Slime refers to the environment where various suspended and organic matter in water precipitate in pipelines like mud, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. By simply passing through GeoReader™, general bacteria removal and prevention of slime accumulation can be achieved.

GeoReader™ can handle all measurement items from the raw water supplied to smart farms to the state of nutrient solutions. By incorporating GeoReader™ solutions into the automation technology and information communication of smart farms that innovate agriculture, the productivity and quality of agricultural and livestock products can be improved.

Horticulture: · Promotes growth and vigorous growth (prevents leaf aging)
· Maintains freshness for long periods during storage
· Significant reduction in pesticide use
· Improvement in sweetness and color
· Increased resistance

Animal farming: · Fast growth rate
· High-quality product production
· Increased feed efficiency
· Reduction in livestock manure odor
· Improvement in meat quality
· Decrease in mortality rate