Solving humanity's water problems in a sustainable way as the Global No.1 Whole House Water Management Company


Innovating the water we drink in a sustainable way.

We believe in the power of water.
Drinking water is not only a basic human need and directly related to survival, but also a very important part of our lives.
We want to provide cleaner and better water in a healthy way to create a world where everyone can live a healthier and happier life.

Strategic Goal

Leading the digital innovation of home water worldwide.

We are pioneering a new path in the water supply sector, which has been relatively slow to change, by leading its digitization.
We value "innovation" and "challenge" and immerse ourselves in the problems we need to solve based on these values.


Develop Geoleader Water Solution into an innovative product that consumers and governments can be enthusiastic about.

With our unique service planning and technology, we provide the final consumer solution for tap water, including purification, data analysis, and carbon reduction, to maximize the health and cost savings of water consumers.
We aim to be an innovative company that expands 'K-Water' worldwide based on advanced technology, becoming the driving force for innovation in the global home water market with industry practitioners.

Geogrid Organizational Culture,
Geogrid Culture Deck

We make disruptive innovations

Drive disruptive innovation
  • Challenge high goals that seem impossible.
  • Do not limit the ways to solve problems.
  • Boldly challenge without hesitation or doubt.

We are obsessed with data

Be data-obsessed
  • Aim for innovation through data.
  • Strive for data-based decision-making.
  • Derive meaningful insights together through data.

We grow with our customers

Grow with customers
  • Achieve customer satisfaction in a sustainable way.
  • Exceed customer expectations and deliver the best value.
  • Make decisions withcustomer success as the top priority.

We maintain a young organization

Stay young
  • Value the speed of learning more than experience.
  • Constantly question for better processes and results.
  • Continuously eliminate elements that hinder rapid execution.

We succeed as a team

Harvest as a team
  • Prioritize the success of the entire organization over individual success.
  • Support other members to focus and excel in their strengths.
  • Exchange honest feedback on failures/improvements.

We take the lead in solving the climate crisis

Make Our Planet Greener
  • Contribute to the healthy future and happiness of the world, communities, and individuals inside and outside the company.
  • Contribute to overcoming the climate crisis through innovation.

The path Geogrid has taken


  • 07

    Certified as a Social Venture Company

  • 06

    Minister of Environment Award for Environmental Data Utilization Contest

  • 05

    Selected for Korea-Singapore Smart Green Entry Business

  • 04

    Selected as a K-Water Cooperative Startup by Korea Water Resources Corporation


  • 10

    Selected by the National Water Industry Cluster Business Group

  • 07

    Selected as the Best Startup in July for Startup Investment Linkage

  • 06

    Selected for the Startup Package

  • 05

    Venture Country Venture Startup Innovation Procurement Product Selected

  • 04

    Selected for Gyeonggi Technology Startup Support Program

  • 03

    Selected for Digital New Deal Accelerator


  • 11


How to get to Geogrid

Head Office Address

20, 40-gil, National Industrial Complex Road, Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu Metropolitan City

Water Campus C306, National Water Industry Cluster
LAB Address

26, Kyung Hee Road, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Samuiwon Startup Center 412



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